The Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force is a coalition that seeks to improve outcomes for people who hoard and reduce the catastrophic consequences related to hoarding for residents of the City of Philadelphia.

Balancing the rights of the individual with the health and safety needs of the community, the task force works to provide individuals and organizations in the region with the tools they need to successfully overcome this challenging issue.

Task Force Member Organizations

Action Wellness
Center for Advocacy for Rights & Interests of Elderly (CARIE)
Clutterer’s Anonymous (CLA)
Community Behavioral Health (CBH)
Community Legal Services, Inc (CLS)
Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS)
Department of Human Services (DHS)
Department of Licenses & Inspections (L&I)
Fair Housing Rights Center of SEPA (FHRC)
Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)
JEVS Human Services
Jewish Family and Children Services (JFCS)
Liberty Resources Inc
Liberty Healthcare
Mental Health Partnerships (MHP)
National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals - Greater Philadelphia Chapter (NAPO-GPC)
Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA)
Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA)
Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD)
Philadelphia Police Department (PPD)

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding hoarding-related resources in the Philadelphia area, please call one of two information lines based on the age of the person with hoarding behaviors:

Under 60 years of age:

To be determined

60 years of age and above:

Call CARIE at 215-545-5728

If you have questions regarding the Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force, please email info@philadelphiahoarding.org

Social Media

Quarterly Meetings

The Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force meets quarterly at Community Legal Services. If you are interested in attending the next quarterly meeting or would like more information about training opportunities, email us at info@philadelphiahoarding.org.

News and Articles


"That’s what it’s like to be a hoarder or a clutterer. The clutter overwhelms the beautiful things you love so you can’t even see them anymore"

'They’re going to judge me’: Hoarders confess why it gets worse with age.

How to help a hoarder set goals and make progress

Do you have hoarding disorder?

Stacey Burling, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2019


“I just know I need to do this. I want to do it,” she says. “It’s a matter of understanding and reminding myself that this is not the end-all. It’s not going to stop or destroy my life.”

Read more about the Boston model of hoarding intervention and how the Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force is teaming up.

Boston Globe Magazine November 2016


"Believe it or not, I hate clutter. I can’t function in it. But if I try to get rid of it, it somehow gets worse. I just can’t let go."

Read about the struggle with hoarding in Philadelphia and what the Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force is doing to help.

Philly Voice.  June 15, 2016